Friday, August 1, 2008

The Success Secret Of Basketball Domination

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Today, I'm going to share with you a Little Known
Secret that if you introduce to your life and your game,
the results will be dangerous ( in a good way)

Vamanos cowboy and cowgirls....

This is not hard, but extremely effective and rarely used.

Everyone, me, you, them, cares about themselves.

If I give you a picture, and it has you, me, and a Friend of
yours in it, who do you think you will look for first?

You would look for you first.

This is just an example of how much we care about
ourselves. ( This is good)

But sometimes we focus on ourselves so much we forget
others. ( This is bad)

The number one phrase in the world that is used the most
frequent is... that's right you guest it, I WANT!

If you pay attention, you will here this everyday, all day long.

I WANT to play basketball

I WANT to eat

I WANT that car

I WANT Morey

I WANT to go out

I WANT to help you

It's said at least 30 times by every person
every day.

This is OKAY.

But one of the fastest ways for you to get what you
want is to help someone else get what they want.

It's true.

Through out the weekend, notice how many
opportunities you have to help someone else.

It could be small like helping a lady bring her groceries to
the car.

Or, it could be bigger like dedicating your Sunday afternoon
to help Re-paint the local church.

The size of the help is not important but the intention is.

Help someone for no other reason but to help them.

If you notice, this is still aN example of YOU Wanting to do

Except, your helping someone get what they want first.

You'd be amazed at what you'll accomplish if you become
a genuine People Helper.

Have A Terrific Weekend!

Your # 1 Fan

Rali Todd

PS- I Would love to hear your stories on Monday
about the help you provided to world over the
weekend. I'll even post them on my blog.

Reply with your story and I'll share it with hundreds or others.
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Anatomy Of Basketball Success And Failure

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Before I spoon feed you the key to 'Real Life'
Basketball success and or failure, please be
prepared to forward this 'jammed packed' email
to anyone you know that might need a little help
and a help full kick in the butt.

They will thank you and so will I.

Let's get moving.

Success or failure.

Discipline or Regret.

They are both your choice and responsibility.

They are!

Hear me loud and clear on this one.

You've got to choose discipline versus regret because
discipline weights ounces and regret weighs tons.

You see, the regret is an accumulated effect a year
form now or two years from now when you didn't do the
easy discipline.

Most ballers, and people for that matter, don't realize
that what they do today, what you do today, will
tremendously effect how you will feel tomorrow.

Don't be one of them. Don't be like this.

Make the change you want in your life right now, so you
will be happy with the decision tomorrow.

Regret or discipline, it's your choice and only your choice.

From now on, when you think of something that you want to do,
or should do, just ask your self this simple question...

" Am I going to not DO this and regret it tomorrow, or do I
have enough discipline right now to make my self happy for

It's a simple question but yet so power full.

Start working on yourself and who you are and you'll finally
start Producing the results you've been dreaming about.

Your Coach,
Rali Todd
Dedicated to turning your hoop dreams into reality

PS- Grabbing today will make the next
time you step on the basketball court an easy domination.
That's what happens when your completely prepared to produce
the results you really want before you get it.

Don't try and guess how to come up with a strategy to becoming
a All-star high light reel. That's what your competition does,
your better than that.

For less than 100 clams you can guarantee ultra basketball
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Basketball Drills That Really Improve Your Game

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Freud's Definition Of Insanity....

Dear Baller,

One very important 'key' to your basketball success
that the most dominant all-star kings know, that you
probably don't know, and what is the main cause of your
basketball struggles and underachieving is noticing when
what your doing isn't working.

Stay with me here chloe.

Doing the same thing, the same way, and expecting a
different result is the exact definition of insanity.

So, if your practicing your jump shot a certain way,
and your not improving the way you want or expect, stop
practicing that way and find another way.

If you want an example, look at the Phoenix Suns.

They tried to win with speed, shooting 3's,
and with horrible defense.

That obviously didn't work.

They went out and got Shaq and completely redefined the
way they play and how their going to try to win.

They didn't sit there trying the same way to win.

They knew and realized that what they were
doing was not good enough.

It's a hard bullet to bite, but It's what you
need to realize in order to grow and improve.

And if they wanted to win, they had to change
they way they were trying to win.

So what about you?

1.Are you still trying to practice basketball skills your not
good at?

- That's the best way to destroy your game

2.Have you still not identified your niche and spend as much
time as you can maximizing it?

- That's another great way to underachieve your whole career.

3. Are you still going out and running 2 miles thinking that
will improve your endurance so you won't get tired during the

- Another great way to shoot yourself in the foot.

If you want to really improve your game, without struggle,
with out fear, with out disappointment, and with a whole lot
of Success, stop doing what your doing and find a better way
to practice.

It's just that simple.

You don't need more time.

You don't need to try harder.

You don't need more hours.

You do need a better game plan.

Your # 1 Fan
Rali Todd

PS- Want the most detailed, effective, all-star basketball
blueprint guaranteed to turn your current game into a crowd
pleasing high light reel?


It' already helped 2,500 ballers just like you, do you have
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Improve 3 point shooting for basketball

Dear Baller

I don't know how you feel about 3 point
shooting but I think it stinks.

And here's why-

Let's first look at what 3's can do
and why they are effective.

How can they benefit you and your team.

1-> For starters- you get an extra point.

2-> When you make a 3, it helps build momentum,
the crowd gets excited, your teammates get excited.

3-> It's a great way to get back into a game fast
if your in a hole

4-> It helps spread the court, there are more
driving lanes, driving angles, and it allows for more
room to operate in the paint.

5-> It keeps defenders honest, if your a good 3
point shooter, your defender will be very reluctant
to leave you to double team some one else or be a
help defender.

6-> It's a confidence builder, as I stated in the
2nd benefit, it helps get the crowd involved but
also builds the confidence of the player that made
the 3.

Those are all great benefits that come from making 3's

And there are probably a lot more.

But here's what most coaches and basketball
players don't understand.

1. 3 point shoots obviously have a lower made percentage

2. There are very few players that could really be
considered great or good 3 point shooter's.

3. It takes away from other areas that players are much
better at- example- dwane wade settling for a 3 pointer
instead of driving to the basket, I don't know about you,
but If I'm the head coach of the Miami heat I much rather
see wade drive to the hole then shoot a 3

4. Shooting 3's completely change the pace and time
of a game.

When you shoot 3'S there are less fouls called.

Less fouls called lead to less time to rest.

Less time to rest means faster fatigue.

Faster fatigue means MORE mental and physical mistakes.

More mental and physical mistakes means more chances
and easy opportunities your opponents have to score
and capitalize on your mistakes.

When you shoot three's, it increases the other team's
fast break opportunities- long rebounds, which gives
them more chances to score when you and your team's
not prepared or in position.

It also helps your opponents fast break opportunities
because most of the time the player that is guarding
the shooter that shot the three will leak out in
front and very often you see that player that was
guarding the shooter get a wide open lay up on a fast
break due to not getting back quick enough.

And, in most cases, when 3's are being shoot, weak
side help and rotation is average at best, meaning
there are less chances of offensive rebounding.

When you drive to the basket,the defense rotates, in most
cases, leaving a small player trying to box out a forward
or a center, if there is any rotation at all.

So by driving the ball you also dramatically improve
the chances of offensive rebounds for your team.

The sixers use to live of the offensive boards
anytime Allen Iverson drove to the basket.

Shooting 3's, and more importantly, making 3's are very
effective and beneficial, just as long as you use it to
your advantage and understand the pros and cons of them.

It can be one of your biggest assets and could help
win a lot of games- phoenix suns- but it cold very well
be one of the major roles played in your team's
destruction and source of underachievement.

If your a good shooter, and your open, and feel confident
enough to not just take the shoot, but make it then by all


But if your strongest aspect of the game is driving to
the basket, or shooting 15 footers, then by all means,
take it to the whole with confidence and purpose, make
the other team guard you.

They will fatigue faster, you will build game winning
momentum and dictate the Pace of the game, you will
draw More fouls and create more opportunities for your
teammates while giving your team a great chance of
winning the ball game.

One thing to think about:

When you shoot the ball, do you expect to shoot it, or
do you expect to make it?

Most players just expect to shoot IT, the great ones
expect to make it, and will settle for nothing less.

Your # 1 Fan
Rali Todd

PS- Do you expect to dominate the court running a couple
suicides and shooting a couple of jump shoots? isn't that stuff your coach
teaches you or that crap you find in theses celebrity
basketball training DVDS.

It's NO BS basketball training for serious ballers only.

PPS- Your not allergic to scoring 20 points, grabbing 15
boards, dishing 11 dimes, and getting featured in your
town's Major newspaper on a weekly basis are YOU?
Go Basketball Pro

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Basketball Training Is Easier Then You Think

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Dear Future Superstar...

Why do you make becoming a good or great
basketball player harder then it really is?

Why do you mimic or copy other ballers that
have no idea what it takes to dominate the

I know, you say to yourself:

"well he's pretty good"

So I'm just going to do what he does.

Biggest mistakes of your life.

Just because he does what he does,
doesn't mean it works.

Let me explain.

We are all different. You. Me. They.

Are different.

Everyone has different goals.

There is no perfect plan.

All there is, is your plan.

When I played in high school, I didn't
want to be like everybody else.

I didn't want the same results.

I didn' want average results.

I figured, instead of doing what everybody
else does and watch as the same results float
in , I'm going to do the opposite of what
every body else does so I can get better

"Rali, I see where your going, can you give me some examples?"

No Problem Doc.

You see, the majority practices what their not good at.

Great way to waste a bunch of time.

The All-Star practices what they're good
at and they turn what they'realready good
at into a secret, game dominating weapon that
transforms into something that they're GREAT

I don't know about you, but I much
rather be GREAT at ONE thing than
average or okay at 3 or 4 things.

The average never has a plan, they
just do whatever comes to mind.

The All-Stars can't live without
a plan and stick to it religiously.

The hopeful waits to be accepted and
for some one to give them permission.

The greats wait for no one and give
them self all the permission they
need to get what they want.

I could keep going, but hopefully
you see where I'm heading with this.

Don't be like everybody else.

Fact is:

1 out of every 450,000 college basketball
players get a chance to play in the NBA.

There's a reason why that ONE baller gets to the NBA.

He's not the same as everybody else.

He's different.

He's a lot different.

I' ll leave you with something that
I live with and stand by EVERYDAY.

" If you want unusual results, you have to be unusual"

Playing in the NBA, or even playing
college ball is definitely unusual.

You have to be different if you
want different results.

Following what every body else does ,
but expecting and hoping for different
results, is, well, the definition of
insanity. ( sorry to have to be so blunt) :-)

Be different and you will be great.

Be the same and you will blend in with
everybody else and lost in the world of
similarity. ( not good)

Your Life long basketball coach
Rali Todd

PS- is definitely different, it's
not that ' fluff ' stuff you're used to. It's NO BS basketball
training that will take your game to the top just like it
already has for over 1,000 basketball players.

Action Step for today-

Don't wait for people or someone to
qualify you for what you want. Go take it without the need
of someone saying that you're " Good Enough" to have it.

You are Good enough.

I know that.

You Know that.

The 15,000 people that are reading
this email right now know that too.

They're applauding you right now.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ball With Your Heart, Think With Your Mind

Dear Baller,

This installment of My " Untold Basketball Secrets"
newsletter is very important to the development and
improvement of your game.

So Pay attention!

Bring your seat in. ( a little closer)

Buckle up cowboy.

What does "Ball With Your Heart, Think With Your Mind"
mean to you?

Think about it for a second...

Your heart is where your passion, motivation,
commitment and feelings are held.

It's what gets you out of bed each day.

It's what pushes you further every moment.

It's the one part of your body that "won't" give up.

It's the feeling you get when you hit a game
winning shot.

It's the power that runs all the energy in and
out of your body.

But what about your mind.

Well your mind is where all the " I can't, I won't,
there's no way" dream destroyers lay.

Slaying dreams left and right.

Like a Paid assassin

If you let it, your mind will be the destruction
of your life.

Many people can attest to this.

So what I'm asking you to do is, play with your heart.

Don't let the clutterness or evilness of your
mind tell you what you can or can't do.

People have always aid, " If you have love for the game"
you will be successful.

Let your heart be the leader of your live.

Let it disperse love, commitment, joy, and
happiness all over your life and everything
that you do.

Defeat someone AND you will be a winner

Defeat yourself and you will be a leader.

Defeat someone and you have won the war.

Defeat yourself and there is no war.

Allow your heart to be the guider of your life.

Let it be the savor of bad times, disappointment,
and struggles.

Use it when your mind says, " I don't feel like it"

Your heart will guide you to greatness, you
just can't let your mind guide you to destruction

Your # 1 Fan
Rali Todd

PS- You know deep down in your heart of hearts is the right choice.

Stop letting your mind tell you you " I Can't"
and let your heart guide you to basketball

PPS- When was the last time you where able to
talk to the "creator" of the basketball training
DVD or program you bought?

I'm here to help you, even if you don't buy anything.

It's who I' am.

Feel FREE to call me with any questions you might have,
as I'd be more then happy to give you my advice.

(305) 801-2177
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How To Improve Basketball Speed

Here is a great drill that will dramatically improve your basketball speed, agility, quickness, coordination and reflexes.